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Operations -

The WinCE based FlexiPanels® comes with preinstalled Windows CE 6.0 R3 operating system.
It allows the user to execute Windows CE compatible third party software, SCADA on the device.

The SDK (software development kit) built for the these devices can be used to develop native and managed custom applications, using VC++, VB, C# languages using Visual Studio.
.Net frame work 3.5 is included in the device which allows running managed application on the device.

WinCE based FlexiPanels® can be connected to PC over USB cable, and Active sync 3.5 on Windows XP/Mobile Device Center on Windows 7/VISTA can be used for device browsing, copying files to and from device. USB Host can be used for attaching USB keyboard, USB Mouse, USB Stick and USB PCL Printer, the required drivers and support is preinstalled in the device.

Pluggable I/O (Digital)
WinCE based FlexiPanels® have facility to support I/O using pluggable I/O modules. The I/O modules can be selected based on the application requirement. Each high speed I/O module can support 4 nos. of high speed inputs of 25KHz. Quadrature input of up-to 20KHz is also supported. Each high speed I/O Module can support 1 quadrature input of 20KHz or 2 quadrature inputs of 5KHz. Each high speed I/O Module can support up-to 2 PWM outputs of 10KHz. Up-to 5 I/O modules can be connected to one WinCE based FlexiPanels®.

Digital I/O
WinCE based FlexiPanels® can have up-to 80 digital I/O on the unit through the expansion units. Digital inputs are high impedance 24 VDC and outputs are transistor outputs with NPN/ PNP types.

Analog I/O
WinCE based FlexiPanels® support pluggable Analog I/O Modules. These devices can have up-to 40 Analog inputs and / or 10 Analog outputs. The Analog inputs are 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC,4-20 mA, mV, TC, RTD, - 10 to + 10 VDC and Analog outputs are 4-20mA / 0-10VDC. User can Plug only Analog I/O modules or use them in combination with Digital I/O.

High Speed Counters
WinCE based FlexiPanels® with I/O support High Speed Counter inputs up-to 25 KHz. These High Speed Counter inputs can be used for applications such as Rate Measurement, Speed Measurement, Totalizer, etc. The user can define up-to 4 High Speed inputs in each high speed Digital I/O module.

Software Features -

  • Active Sync
  • Application Installer / Uninstaller
  • .Net Compact Framework
  • COM / DCOM Support
  • Remote Desktop Protocol
  • Silverlight
  • Web Browser
  • PDF Viewer
  • Web Server / Telnet Server / FTP Server
  • Office Viewer
  • Database (SQL CE 3.5)
  • Word Pad
  • Software Development Kit and Emulators
  • Media Player *
  • Audio / Video Support*
*Not supported in PC5043TN
Supported Printers -
FlexiPanels® support HP Laser Jet 1010 printer.